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Back links to Your Website

So just where does somebody start to do things right, the simple answer would be at the beginning ,
if we can really know where that is.

So instead of trying to start at the beginning I will start with that which is called back links to your website.
For if we want to be noticed on the internet we need to prove that others are noticing us already.
So there is some real value in  using a service that can produce back links to your website,
but not just any kind of back links to your website they need to be relevant to what your site is about.

Before we go too far there are hidden traps in everything we do, so if we go about doing it the wrong way
we can find ourselves in a lot trouble, so because we do not want to upset Google then we do things more quietly
to start with until our website has been there long enough to see things happen more quickly.
You will see as these pages grow that I will explain  things a bit at a time and not all in one go
Because there is no way that we can learn it all in one sitting, still learning myself.

So what are back links to your website they can take different forms, but they are what are called in simple terms links on
somebody elses website to something that is on your website.
Therefore "back links to your website" is a functional example of a backlink, because it creates
a backlink to somebody elses website, so what you are wanting to appear on other peoples websites
are backlinks to your website to something of value that you have written, or sell or provide service for.

In passing I need to mention that we need to create links to other pages in our own website that are called
Anchor Texts whuich are just like back links to your website, except that they are only you recognizing
your own website content, Google wants to see them also. Google is the largest but not the only
or the oldest search engine, other search engines use different criteria to recognize the values of a website.
By the way you need those search engines to want to see value in your website, otherwise
you will simply not be seen.

You will notice on the first page normally called the Index or Home page that I wrote more about back links
well I used it as an Anchor Text to this page and now I am using it as an Anchor Text back
to that same page, showing that there is more information that is relevant to what I am writing about
accross my website. Noting that relevancy acroos a website is what search engines want to see.

As you see these pages grow you will see that I create more and more Anchor Texts on the
pages already done to pages that I will complete over time, so pages get edited
Google loves to see some editing of pages going on over time, it keeps them coming back.
Also you will see more and more back links to other relevant websites etc, etc, etc.

Before we move on the the next page (the relevancy of back links) the information I am sharing is not dependent
upon me being a great success, because you could take it and put it into operation and be
far more successful than me, it all depends on doing the homework right.
© Copyright JR JF Brumby Arke Promotions