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Hidden Truth Music Information

Hidden Truth Music Information is a sister site to the Hidden Truth Music Organization and to Music For Dummies Organization.

This site Hidden Truth Music Info has come into existence to help provide useful information on how to go about promoting your website.
We have dealt with the Hidden Traps in music in Hidden Truth Music Organization but there are also hidden traps in
in trying to promote your websites.
These hidden traps start in a simple way in that one thinks by simply creating a website that somehow people will find it,
the fact is that they just wont in most cases.
There is as always a need to advertise the existence of something to get people to go to it, buy from it or learn from it,
or whatever else.
Now there are lots of schemes out there to take your hard earned cash from you, part of that is our own fault in that
we assumed this and we assumed that when we spent it and just did not do our homework right.
For some of you the word homework is a dirty word, but that is where you get trapped, because homework is
essential to success.
So my intentions are to build the information that can help you choose wisely, so this will be done slowly over time
with added pages as time goes by, because I must do my homework right as well.
So keep retuning back to these pages as they develop.
Before I go too far I will give you one resource that could be helpful on a small budget  this one is involved in
getting useful back links to your website
On the following pages I will explain more about back links, submissions to search engines and directories,
search engine optimization and so much more.
There are as we have said hidden traps in music and in advertising, actually there are hidden traps in everything.
Learn to sample test things to see if they work before rushing in to spend too much cash.
Yes there are lots of ways to do things for free and they are worth doing so as to learn how to advertize.
But in the end a proper advertising budget wisely spent will always do better than free services.
So I am going to get this page up on the internet and of course I will be promoting it so it can be found.
Then over the days to come I will add the very important things that we need to know to do it right.
But at least with just this one page you have a soursce (not mine, nor do I earn cash off it) that you can get started from.
But you will find that to do the Keyword submissions that you will need to know what they are and how to go for the right ones etc.
Yes there is a need for homework to do in anything and everything.
So you will see that there is a full menu working that will change slowly as new pages are added on the theme of this website.

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