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The Relevancy of Back links

It is essential to make the relevancy of back links on somebody else's website about your website relevant and this applies also to your anchor texts on your own website.

It is also very relevant to keep saving ones work, because a sudden power cut wiped out what I had done before I had saved it.
These hidden traps can be such a nuisance so we do need to guard against them.

One thing is very clear that if I want the relevancy of  back links on other peoples websites to mine then I know I will have to be paying for that service to work.
for unless I know lots of willing people that have high ranked websites and who will do it for free (highly unlikely for most of us)
then it must become part of the advertizing budget.

So how do we go about getting the relevency of back links? Well we either need to get  professional keyword research software or  use what 
 has provided for this purpose on the internet for free
So obviously we start with that which is free and we will find that it is good, that is if we know what we are loking for.
OK I had to submit to a paid back links provider 4 different sets of keywords with my URL so that they could provide the right places for
 those back links to be placed.

So what did I do I went to the free service that I spoke of above and found these 4 relevant keyword sets below. Now please note
that these sets of relevant keywords are now functioning on this page as Back links, because they refer to pages on a different website of mine.

Single song music downloads

Those words above are what people have actually typed in while doing searches on the internet

Now of course there is a lot more to this than meets the eye because you need to pick keyword sets that are being looked for on searches on the internet.
So you will be typing in important words (keywords) about your websites subject, in my case it was about music and music law.

Then never go for the high numbers of clicks per day but try to get those in the 400 to 500 clicks a day range otherwise you will
simply be lost in the competition.
The problem you will find is that in many cases there are no results on the words you type in (or very low numbers), so you have to try combinations and
single words till you find relevant ones.
Actually in order they were 264, 507, 383 and 531 for the ones above, but  sometimes we do have to compromise a bit.

I brought in a new words on this page 'keywords' so I will deal with that on the next page, I also spoke about 'Anchor texts'.
© Copyright JR JF Brumby Arke Promotions